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Parasitic diseases

Use the knowledge of anti-cancer drugs to target kinases in parasite (plasmodium falciparum). A global approach in chemogenomics to find correspondence between the human and parasite kinome.

Surveillance of honeybees

The goal of the project is to develop automate procedure to annotate the various type of honeycomb by image analysis. This will help in finding phenotypes /genotypes signatures of the colony and the mix of the colonies in a given territory.


The genetic survey of different microorganisms present in a specific environment, such as water or soil. These microorganisms reveal new biochemical pathways or metabolites that are the source of new therapeutic and biotechnological applications.

Metagenomics offers a powerful lens for viewing the microbial world and revolutionize our understanding of life. It could lead to advances in Human Health, Earth Science and Global Change, Agriculture, Environmental Remediation, Energy, Astrobiology...

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FLO+ : is a drug design and virtual screening software to study protein ligand interactions

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