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The development of ESTIHAPLO was initiated as a side-project  in collaboration with Registre France Greffe de Moelle, Agence de la biomédecine during PA Gourraud PhD at the INSERM Unit 558, Toulouse France. PA Gourraud was funded by the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (September 2002 – August 2003) and by the Toulouse University Paul Sabatier (September 2003 – August 2006), and both by Toulouse University Hospitals (September 2006 –August 2008). The coding part of the development of the software was directed by PA Gourraud in collaboration with students of the LERIA (Laboratoire Epitech de Recherche en Informatique Appliquée) to whom coding training period subject was proposed. This project benefited from insightful discussions with many colleagues all over the world, we here thanks  them very much.

This web site is dedicated to Estihaplo as a standalone. Some Estihaplo has been integrated to PyPop : Python for Population Genomics.


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FLO+ : is a drug design and virtual screening software to study protein ligand interactions

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