FLO+ is a Molecular Modeling software developed by Colin McMartin of Thistlesoft Inc.

It includes:

  • Methods for docking ligands into binding site (QXP for Quick Explore)
  • A graphic interface lzm : an informative un-smoothed molecular surface to identify hot spot and showing indices for the presence of allosteric sites
  • Methods for pharmacophore fitting
  • Pseudo receptor from superimposed ligand
  • Fragment based drug design
  • Protein and ligand based superimposition
  • Protein and molecular surface morphing
  • ...many other applications.

The graphical interface of FLO+ is called lzm. 
For information about the FLO+ suite of programs contact 

Colin McMartin:

Tel: +1 (860) 379-5502 

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FLO+ : is a drug design and virtual screening software to study protein ligand interactions

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